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                            Welcome to First Nations University of Canada

                            FNUniv is a unique Canadian institution that specializes in Indigenous knowledge, providing post-secondary education for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students alike within a culturally supportive environment.

                            เว็บ พนัน บอล แจก เสื้อ

                            FNUniv provides a holistic educational experience, bringing together quality academic studies with traditional Indigenous knowledge and courses in Saskatchewan’s five Indigenous languages: Cree, Dakota, Dene, Nakota and Saulteaux.

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                            What's your soul reason?

                            Home away from home. At FNUniv, our campus atmosphere is built on the sensitivities, knowledge and understanding of the cultures, beliefs and traditions of First Nations. At the same time, we celebrate the diversity of our student body, welcoming everyone who walks through our doors. Students often say that our campuses feel like their home away from home.

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                            Become a student at FNUniv

                            At the First Nations University of Canada, we integrate your culture, history, and career goals into one package! Whether a new student pursuing a goal of a new exciting career, or a mature student planning on bringing pride and education to your life for personal reasons, we can find a program that will match your needs.

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                            Upcoming Events

                            2018 Spring Powow

                            October 11, 2017

                            2018 Spring Powwow

                            2018 FNUNniv Powwow
                            For more information on the 2018 Powwow please visit here.

                            2018 50/50 Winners
                            Saturday 50/50 Winning Ticket #: A224055 Amount Paid: $6,120.00 Prize has been claimed

                            Sunday 50/50 Winning Ticket #: B282510 Amount Paid:$4,048.00 Prize has been Claimed